DarkProtocol [CLOKE] JOIN US


Were a older corp that just Relaunched
Were based in Empire space with many plans coming real soon
Steady growth of great pilots and Teamwork first mentality
We welcome all Newbros and vets alike
Active discord severs and Daily ops for your content craving self

What we offer
RL first atmosphere and Teamwork first mentality (your not a number)
Daily ops and weekly calendar ops
2 Discord servers
Plenty of content (mining/Abyssals/L4 missions/based in Caldari space near jita
Orca bonuses and Fleet bonuses

What we Seek
Well rounded pilots that are active when on
Someone that wants to grow with us and eventually become a leader when ready
Have some knowledge of the game a bonus(but we will teach anyone)Alpha Friendly Corp

If you would like to know more contact luecius in game .if we go further I will get you into out recruit channel and also if needed discord for a personal interview
Hope to SEE YOU IN SPACE :oldtimeyparrot:

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