Darkstar Fleet recruiting

Our Corp is welcoming new member’s ,core group of older players happy to train new players or people that are looking for a relaxed corp. No minimum SP .alpha account’s welcome ,We take real life first,so we our Op’s are all optional .happy to take on new player’s as well as older players that want a stable home.

What do we offer? Training for new players ,Orca assist for mining,production and reffing facilitie’s and the option to PVP roam ,in Null Sec .

We are blue to quite a few low and Null alliances ,but in those area’s we stick to a NRDS policy ,High sec ganker’s are always a open target.

I’m a new player and trying to learn the ropes. I could benefit from joining a corp and I’m willing to fulfill whatever roles are needed. Primarily looking for some coaching and comradery, its kinda lonely out there ya know.

Thanks where more then willing to help out new players no matter what vocation you choose.

Could I message you in-game please Talon?

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