Darkwater Conclave - C2, Nullsec, C5 Wormhole PvP

Engage in high-octane Nano, BLOPs, and Bank Robbery PvP with Darkwater Conclave, a top-tier wormhole corp in EVE Online. Join us in our C2 wormhole with access to Nullsec and C5 space!

Nano PvP:
Master hit-and-run tactics with our agile fleet. Speed is key as we outmaneuver, strike, and escape swiftly. Perfect for both experienced Nano pilots and those eager to learn.

Experience the thrill of Black Ops warfare. Our covert BLOPs fleets specialize in stealthy operations, delivering surprise attacks in hostile space. Join us for strategic strikes and covert disruption.

Bank Robbery PvP:
Embark on daring heists in our unique style of PvP. Rob ess banks, disrupt supply chains, and revel in the spoils of strategic larceny. Darkwater Conclave offers a thrilling twist to conventional PvP.

What We Offer:

Nano Expertise: Learn from experienced pilots or contribute your skills.
BLOPs Operations: Join covert fleets for strategic strikes and surprise attacks.
Bank Robbery PvP: Engage in daring heists for a unique twist on PvP.
Thriving Community: Connect with skilled PvP enthusiasts in daring adventures.

What We Want:

Team Players: Embrace collaboration and contribute to the success of the team.
Active Learners: Be eager to develop your skills and learn new strategies.
PvP First Mentality: Prioritize PvP and thrive in an environment where combat is at the forefront.

C2, Nullsec, C5 Wormhole Corp:
Explore diverse PvP opportunities in our Class 2 wormhole, providing access to Nullsec and Class 5 space.

Join Today:
Connect in-game at “DCS-PUB” or contact recruiters. Join our Discord at Darkwater Conclave and be part of our community mastering both speed, stealth, and the art of bank robbery.

Darkwater Conclave awaits your arrival – dive into Nano, BLOPs, and bank robbery adventures now!

Always accepting applications

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