Dawn Security Corp of Salvation Security Group | Anti-Wardeccer Movement

HS hosts a few groups that despite having the resources and SP to pvp in low/null/wh space, instead choose to wardec new players and industrialists. They do this not because it offers any challenge but because it’s easy and they enjoy fighting those who cannot fight back. For many players joining the game this eventually drives them out of Eve. Others who remain must pay tribute spending their money to appease their collectors instead of being able to invest that wealth into growing their group.

In March of 2024 a task force comprised of different entities from across Eve converged to stand up to one such group called SRS. What at first was intended as an operation to simply destroy one of their forts, became instead a campaign of annihilation. Over the following weeks 100 billion isk + of their citadels were destroyed and as of writing this their bloated POCO Empire is being torn to pieces by the victors. Many of us wanted to continue in this mission and expand it across High Sec.

For this we created Dawn Security Corp [DNSEC] which leads the Salvation Security Group [SAYVU] as a brand new one of a kind public service entity. The purpose is to counter wardec extortionist/griefer groups that attack others in HS. We want to ensure the wardeccers actually get some challenge in doing what they do and in the process hope to show people in HS how to defend themselves. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen player base count. This has been called a “White Knight” project which we are fine with. Eve has enough bad guys, we can use some good guys too.

We have no SP requirement but the purpose of the alliance is to do pvp in hs. We accept full time members, people who want to join us temporarily and even alts of low/null/wh groups. If you’re a more experienced player who wants to give back to the community on the side, this is the perfect place for you.

Join our server and inquire about how to be part of this movement.

(For reference the campaign detailed in the post: Reddit - Dive into anything )

Come serve and protect citizens of empire space.

Viva la revolution!