Day trading at higher isk

So I am a station trader currently buying and selling in my station in low volumes over a very wide amount of item types.
Thus far this has turned my original 1 bilion into about 15 in a month with a rigorous several times a day order update cycle over AU US and EU timezones (pesky job schedule allows me this (dis)comfort) -currently 190 slots in use
So now that i’m here I see no way to get such multiplication again on 15 bil next month-I can’t manage that many slots efficiently .
At around what level should I look into speculation or inter region trading more?

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Message me in-game. I have some ideas.

Parker Rush is the Main.

Till now you are small potato trader, and now you you’re trying to get in game with big boys…


When you can afford the loss.

Everything depends on that.

Speculation and inter-region trading is risky. But as the rules of acquisition, number 62 states, the riskier the road, the greater the profit. You just have to manage that risk by only investing in what you are comfortable with losing.

Otherwise, i would just diversify, place a couple bill in risky ventures and the rest like you would normally do. Make a new account or alt on the same account and use that as a buffer is a great idea as well.

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Inter-region trading is not that risky if you are smart, actually pay attention to sales volume, and do not over saturate.

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