I think I like trading

So couple of weeks ago I decided to get serious on this little aspect of the game cashed out all my stuff in null converted most of it to PLEX fired up 2 alts to become trading characters watched some more tutorial videos on the subject and got to it.
Despite having about 50 bil available I decided to start with just 1 bil and get a feel for the rythm of things from a low start.
It’s been 20 days since and I’ve managed to roll that first bilion into 8 with 129 slots using 1 character.
I plan to sit on a working capital of between 50-100 bil once I have all 305 slots for both characters.
Should I be successful in reaching my 100bil goal do you guys think I could expect to a monthly increase of atleast 30 bil with my current growth trend?

how? All the times I have tried I couldn’t find good items and I end up losing isk.

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I diversified trading many item types and versions in small amounts so I wouldn’t have too much isk stuck in a single item.
I’m also quite active and update orders several times a day even several times an hour at peak times like EU tz peak .

I’m a trader, but I think having to update 305 orders would make me shoot myself.


Technically that’d be 610 since it’s 2 characters but I plan for second character to require less attention.
Adding all my items to quick bar and using just the arrow keys to scroll through it all feels quite fast imo

I am currently a full time trader. I have 3 alt traders. All of them have 129 orders each. Between finding the right items, seeing where they are best sold, updating the orders, and checking contracts, it is a TON of work. I have tried to keep up with all of the orders, but I have found it less time consuming and more profitable for the time that I have to focus on 20-30 items and make sure I am on top of those orders. Trying to update every single order (especially in Jita) is a nightmare!

Now, you may have a lot more time on your hands than I do but I play about 5 hours a day and still am not getting everything I want to get done, done. Like everything else in this game, the more time you spend, the more isk you make. That is no exception for trading. If you have the time to update 610 orders a day then go for it. But, I would really focus down on 20-30 of those items, and update the rest of them like once a day.


Yep. I have deliberately NOT trained my order-count skills to their full extent because I don’t want the temptation. I manage about 30 carefully picked orders at a time, and focus on dominating those items.

I find it surprising given the large potential both you and the poster above chosing such a small number of slots to use.
Looking through my list I could definatly trim off maybe 15 items at most but the rest I am quite happy with

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I don’t actually use it.I was under the impression it can pull data only once every 20mins a limiting factor imposed by its developer?

I’ll see if I can catch you in-game dude.

Can reach me by in game mail easier

A small update day 31 I have passed 16bil total quite a sizeable increase from 8bil at day 20 . Currently only doing day trading still only 1 character i’ve ramped up my active slot number which I use to about 170 with another 60-70 slots left open.
I decided to deliberately not train margin trading skill to my understanding if I don’t have the isk to cover a potential order it’ll simply cancel out making me lose that oportunity.
I also forgot to mention higher up that I don’t make use of any 3rd party tools except eve marketer very very rarely

I don’t think you are thinking quite right here on margin trading. Margin Trading is one of the most powerful tools that you have. It helps you even more if you are diversifying your orders. Now If you somehow got all of your orders to fill at once, I guess you would be losing money, but let me tell you this. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.
I update all of my orders and then go to work for 12 hours, come back home and if I am lucky, like really lucky, 10% of my orders will be filled. This brings me back to the way you are doing things is losing you money.
For Example: You put up a buy order for something at quantity of 2 because you like to invest the rest of your money into a different item but this item is expensive but still gives 20% margin. You go to bed or work and come back to find that your order is filled and then sell it and make some profit. What you don’t realize that you probably could have got a lot more money here.
Margin Trading 5 cuts down the price to cost to put up the item to about 30% (give or take) and would have allowed you to put up about 8 quantity of that item for the same buy order cost of 2 of them. Sure, once the order goes though for 8 of them you will have to pay the full price for 8, but once again you could come home to 8 of them that you are able to sell at 20% profit rather than 2. You are simply missing opportunities without it. There is pretty much no downside.
Use margin trading to its full potential and win!

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This is the truth.

I understand what it does however I want to make sure I can pay for item x y z if I’m gone and have it instead of wallet zeroing out.I also reinvest all my isk back for 2 reasons -if it stays in my wallet it’s useless and doesn’t grow and secondly to avoid fat fingering a bad price and waste large amounts of isk-for the 2nd bit I’ve actually had competitors fail 1 digit and sell to me for 1/10th price

No you don’t actually reinvest it, because a buy order is not an investment, it is merely the chance of an investment. Which is why Margin Trading is so good, because the chance of you actually investing in goods becomes 4 times larger.


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