Making money off any market

How much capital is needed to make a significant amount of isk? I started out with 40bil isk and as of right now my total assets is barely 42bil isk in a 2 weeks. How much do I need to potentially get 1bil per hour?

1bill phr is acehviable with 10bn ISK if you know what you are doing. How long did you spend trading for those 2 weeks. Sure you are not allready at that level?

I was not really actively market pvping I was mostly importing rare items to sell

1 billion per hour? Sure.

42b in assets, but took out a 1b loan :smiley:

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I have trillions in assets and take out a 200 bil loan… same with icy and norn.

Yep assets. In the horde cap star I had a bunch of stuff in the market that’s not selling. Idk why. Maybe it’s because I only play 3hours a day and can’t do the 0.01isking fast enough

Oh dear, 1bn phr is very resonable for an average market trader. Lets be clear you spend 1 hr updating market orders and then log in 12 to 18hrs later. You’d be sucking at trading to not see a bn Isk more in your wallet than what you bought before.

Your disbelief indicates space poverty to me

Thanks for the condescension… :confused:

My trading alt actively plays the Jita market, as well as hauling from surrounding regions. I sometimes make 1 billion in a day, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

If I update my orders and then go away for 18 hours, I’m lucky to make 50 million.

So I’d be curious to know the broad outlines of any strategy that claims an average of 1 billion a day for one hour’s work each day.

To be clear, I’m talking profit, not gross sales. Maybe you’re talking gross sales?

Well that is 1 bn per day then, not 1 bn per hour.

What you are describing is selling from passive orders that are not being 0.01 maintained. In order to sell while you are offline like that, these must generally be low-volume, low-competition items. While good money, that method alone cannot be scaled to yield the same profit per hour as per day.

I made billions trading like this in 6 months, why not try not 1 isking? Bring the market to baseline and work up. If you get 1 isked then bring it bqck to base, If they follow u then buy em out. If they never leave keep it at base and write that market off.

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