Station Trading ISK/Hour estimates?

Has anyone calculated a rough average what the isk/hr in station trading is per billion? Say in the perimeter keepstar?

Since there are literally hundreds of variables involved, how would you calculate that? I can tell you roughly what I make per hour, but it is specific to my trading ability, my specific trading strategy, how actively I trade, the tools I’ve built, my standing and skills, etc.

Atlesst 100 isk/hr+


100 bil per hour

Too many variables. Try it for a year and report back your findings.

100.01 billion per hour!

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  1. Universal answer to all uncertain questions.
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I’d say 10% invested capital per day with straight day trading. So say you spend 1hr playing per day and you had 10bn invested you would make 1bn isk phr. Market trading tends to be a mainly afk activity.

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I interpreted this as how much total isk is traded in the perimeter keepstar per hour. Not limited to any one individual, corporation, or alliance.

As Zahara Cody will testify there is so many different types of market trading for example my corp has a focus on high margin, low duration trades via off shore citadel markets, ie flipping. I made 16bn ISK raw profit after outlay, tax & broker fees yesterday after playing for 3hrs to do the trades so that is 5.3bn Isk phr. I needed 8bn to aquire the assets in the first place.

In short with 8bn Isk, I made 16bn with 3hrs work and 12hrs afk ( the sales were made when I was asleep). So for me that is 5.3bn isk phr.

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How far on the spectrum are you? The higher the number, the higher the isk/hour generally. Get some good tools or build your own spreadsheets, even look for arbitrage opportunities inter hub and youll do ok.

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