Station Trading: 250m isk a day passive

Just evaluated my current returns from station trading and it’s 250million isk a day passively.

Just happy about it. Wanted to share it. Try to be positive and have a good discussion about station trading.

Make it about you…the general public…be encouraged that if a dumb troll like me can do it so can you too …or some positive…whatever…


And how much is tied up in the market at any given time?

3.5b currently. So roughly consistent 7.1% return. Not great but - consistency is more important than booms and busts in my opinion.

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Actually, no, that’s kind of exceptional. I would have guessed a low 11 figures, at least. How much do you spend per day transporting and managing market orders?


Very little transport time. Maybe I leave station a few times a day or less. Jita to TTT so nothing big.

I just glance at it from work so…not really sure. Probably easier to evaluate how many relistings per order.

I would estimate an average of 2 or 3 re listings.

And since relistings take like no time…and I’m only actively monitoring like 6 or 7 items. Probably aggregate less than an hour a day doing anything.

I have a method of evaluating orders really fast. Looking for blocks that equal 10m isk profit. And seeing if that block makes sense with historical daily volumes.

If yes I probe its competition with an order.

If I have to resist often I put the item into a “no profit bin” and move on.

For instance I just cancelled an order for my first time ever because I had to relist like…10 times. Even when on paper the item seemed pretty good.

So you know. You glance at the buy order, see you bought none and there’s a new pile of BOs on top. Takes like 30 seconds to see and relist.

Well for that item I figured itdoesnt matter how good it seems theoretical. In practice too competitive.

So canceled the damn thing for first time ever in my trading beginning earlier this year.

Usually I’m stubborn and try to win a relisting battle just for sake of it.

If you can pull 250 million a day from 6-7 orders, then that’s really good.

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I’d say a lot of the apparent success comes from having probed and found items that have decent turnover more than raw return.

I’ve tried going for bigger returns lately and they’ve bogged down. Disappointed

High turn over. While fitting that 10m bracket which simplifies evaluation.

Having that bracket makes it super easy to know if it’s worth relisting which means it’s easy for me to evaluate (feel) if an item is moving strongly or not.

Without having to give a crap about price and volume and all the other technicals which I dont understand.

So I made a system that works for me giving me apparently good feedback in the form of isk.

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well you are very good
sometimes i do money in station trading , i normally spend 5 bil mine and 5 bil from a friend and don’t have close to your performance

Trading is literally how I made all of my money (aside from what I earned through PvP), because I have a soul, and can’t physically and emotionally tolerate grinding away at rocks and mission rats like the Brawndo-guzzling carebears do. I can’t really say what my ROI was, because my method was really labor-intensive (lots of transportation, order sniping, etc.), but I don’t think I ever made such figures passively. Might have to try that at some point since I’ve spent most of my money over the years, but these days, selling a PLEX is quicker and cheaper, time-wise.

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my method is inject a lot of money , corner one lil market for 2 days , try to GTFO
it hurts sometimes

Pics and stats or it didn’t happen

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Just getting back into the game after being off for a couple years. Tried poking around with my trader alt looking for good buys. Feel lost compared to how I used to do things. Never made alot of isk but had fun. Now the broker fees for relisting and percentage based increments instead of .01isk. Plus the removal of margin trading completely eliminated the old way of playing the market.

Did you do much trading before the broker fee changes? How does now compare to then?

Yes, I didn’t get too carried away with things like spreadsheets and that. But did use a fairly simple program called elinor. Made it easy to compare margin between buy and sell orders while factoring in fees. The broker fees now completly kills the profit on alot of lower isk items like ammo and modules outright when updating market orders. High profit low volume stuff that doesn’t require much updating but alot slower turnover rates might be ok.

I dont really recall. I think I first got into it right when it changed. And I haven’t had any feeling on it either way. Either it wasn’t noticable to my methods or I started just after them

So a basic rule of thumb is you get 20 relistings on 10m profit from TTT relists.

And you get 5 relistings on 10m from Jita relistings.

How I tend to manage this is a bigger “bulk” buy and smaller sells as they trickle in.

So I can pepper sells into a dropping price rather than relist a bigger sell.

Now…one other caveat.

Any fulfilments of an order gives your order an advantage.

So if you had a 50 unit order but now have only 40 units. Relisting is cheaper than it would have been.

This allows you to be more aggressive if you think the aggression will diminish the lot size.

Also something that helps evaluate profit is knowing costs.

1,000,000 = about 70,000 cost
10,000,000 = 700,000
100,000,000 = 7,000,000

And so on

So if you see an item for buy at 45m and sell at 50m you can bet you’ll get only about 1.5m profit because 5m spread minus 3.5m costs

Costs are dependent upon whatever your taxes/brokers actually are.

But now you can better evaluate if a relisting is worth it.

You’ll get a feel for how strong competition is based on how much that profit gets squeezed by relists


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