Market Performance Evaluation

This thread is for everyone to just chatter about their performance. Not centered on me…but for me…

Well today is the first day of real trading. I’m not interested in %margin as a measure of success, just interested in total isk returned (net capital gain).

Half day of passive trading so far ~33mil isk.

I don’t think it’s too great, and I know some on here like Scoots Chobo will scoff saying it’s pittance.

But it is a first day so far.


K, well first day back in months, so this is ONE DAY’S passive trading.

I don’t think it’s good, but I think as a noob (never actually station traded before) it’s not bad.

I guess anyone can do it?

I showed that if I cleared all my orders (all my buys then sell them for that value) then I should have earned approximately 71million. I’m not sure how to read the wallet vis-a-vis the current buy orders and sell orders, they don’t seem to add up rightly.

Maybe once the buys clear that will add to the buy tally, that’s probably it. in which case the total number will round out to 71mil isk for passive income.

On par with passive Pi.

My daily passive trading income now comes to an average: 133,730,428

Keep it going. At your rate you will be up in the mid hundreds of millions a day in no time. Just make sure not to over leverage yourself.

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I am liquidating stocks hence diminishing the return ( only 20%) ,
but in my mind this would become a bear market.
Liquidity better than immobilized asset .

@Alistair_Atreides this is a montly chart , so if only 1-2B on it
, what the heck did you do during the last 30 days ?

I wasn’t online for about 3 months except to queue some skills.

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