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There isn’t really a thread highlighting what glorious fun there is to be had in the markets!

Today’s bloody news, Crystalline Isogen-10

There was so much profit to be made there, that even after relisting (modifying) orders maybe a dozen times, I still probably pulled a scant profit. But, a lot of action there for sure. Very competitive buy-in, but the sell-out was even worse. I finally threw in the towel when some whacko through up 15x1000-unit lots at minus 17.6% the going sell at the time.

The window on the Crystalline Isogen-10 market is almost closed now, final sell is just +9.1% above buy-in (not accounting for costs).

Given with how many active orders are on the window, and how long it takes to clear a batch of orders, I’d say its fair price is just below ~60,000.

Don’t expect a recovery any time soon. If you see Isogen listed much higher than that then the lister is going to be hurting to move it any time soon.

And this is why the changes havent gone far enough

Gallente destroyers Catalyst can be fun at times.

This is outrageous : a trader earning isks !!!
CCP please do something :slight_smile:
I demand a broker fee at least 50%

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Player controlled economy, my tail. Boycott this ripoff “market”. Communism failed because it removed any incentive to get ahead.

This “market” has replaced incentive to participate with penalties for exercising the one differentiation between sellers: lowering your price. I understand the elimination of .01 undercutting, but I refuse to accept obscene broker fees every time I need to lower my price to be competitive.

How will you not accept it?

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I’m having no problem with relisting…

If you think about it, let’s say you have a lot of 100 units.

Relisting causes you to pay 5% of the profit of that lot.

But if you sell 25…then you are 5% of 75/100.

So you actually can relist many more times than 20. You need to factor in the “whittling” effect of your lot fulfillment.

I think I noticed a jump from 0.5 to 1.0% at the Perimeter - Tranquility Trading Tower for brokerage.

Yes, I’ve been told that’s the new minimum for POSs.

I will boycott the market, stash/hoard my loot/manufactured items and go about exploring/mining/missioning as I’ve always done. I don’t need Isk to continue to do what I do, I’ve built up plenty of reserves. I do not have to accept this mutated iteration of a “player driven market”. That concept is as dead as truth is to American Republican Politicians. Traders are stupid to accept the new brokerage fees. CCP cannot control bots, so bludgeon Market PvP and in turn, screw the vast majority of traders in the process.

Enjoy your manacled edition of a “free market”, suckers.

The market is always highly command-economy. CCP constantly adjusts isk faucets and sinks, which in turn directly influences the market.

I see. You do accept it but just will not participate.


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The whole idea of massive broker fees is dumb.

Transfer tax =/= broker fees.

A Transfer tax is made on the actual transfer of goods and makes sense. A market order however is nothing, it is just a form of communication of intent to buy/sell, nothing happens in a market order so the massive fees don’t make sense. All massive broker fees do is make selling on the market a pain in the ass and make everyone split up their market orders into tiny bits.

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Don’t worry this would be for the next time, now that player get used to higher %,
they are psychologically prepared for the next 10-20% figures .
Then could quickly raise the % in citadels to >5-10%
The owners won’t find fault with because they would more profit ( half of the taxes) .

In the real markets there’s thousands of people yelling at each other to get YOUR communication across, you’re paying for a service provided by , for instance, NYSE.


So unless your idea of the game is to be waving 1,000s of tickets in other player’s faces 24/7, the communication needs to be slowed down to a gamer-pace.

None of us are paid 150,000/year to sit here and update thousands of orders in seconds.

To be honest functionality such could be easily automated by the game.

Just let people set a order with a listed price and a minimum undercut price. Compare market orders and see which one has the lowest minimum price listed, automatically set the new price to slightly below the second lowest bidder. Many auctions are run like this.

This already existed.

People just created orders that were highly leveraged and targeted the bots and the bots chased the fake prices into oblivion.

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