Winning EvE - Saying goodbye to 2007 Toon / 137mil PvP Subcap Beast

As per title - Selling my toon, eve just doesnt twist my nipples as hard as she used too :frowning: Too much RL to be a raging nerd these days, sadly.

Needs a few more months to be truly PERFECT subcap but its close enough for government work.

Would idealy love to see him go continue to pew, rather than be stripped down, and Ill add the isk to the “if i ever return” wallet on a alpha trader. Or gamble it degen style on Hypers.

No rush for quick sale - Taking on offers. // // // Thanks chaps its been fun.

MG Asklepian Head
Many Skins
NPC corp (Left today API pulls may still show in corp)
NO kill rights
Positive Wallet
Located Hi Sec (The Forge)
I receive the ISK / I pay the transfer



Thanks for kicking us off Might - I know we can do better though.


Since you don’t need ISK because you’re winning EVE I offer you a firm handshake and drinks on me for an entire evening at the bar of your choice within 25 miles of my house.


Hah, firm handshakes in these times i’ll pass on thanks!

As for the drinks, do it within 10miles of me and your on.

I already have an ok sized “if I come back fund” and the isk from sale of my toon will go sit on it, half of mind to degen gamble it all on hypers to ensure I win forever :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way appreciate the bumpio pope <3

PopeUrban wants to know your location

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All I can say is Where beer does flow and men chunder.

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Thanks for the bump eve. - I dont think were close to closing price though. 500mil increases are lame when were still under extraction value too ><

102bil new offer


I mean improvement yes - Still no where near extract value though and hoping someone wants to purchase for use than strip down.

Thanks for the bids tho lets keep rolling.

Just did the maths and assuming
Injector Value 716900000 (Although can be bought for around 695m)
Extractor Value 296400000
The extraction value would be 111b

I’ll offer 113b, I’m looking for a PVP char to play, not extract.

Also ready to trade right now.

Yo maths is wonky :stuck_out_tongue: other costs involved when using the market…

I appreciate the offer but I feel we can still do better ; age of character, subcap dominance, trig perfection.

Lets keep trying ey :slight_smile:

But surely additional market costs would lower the extraction value? Would be interested in seeing your figure for extraction value.

Anyway good luck with the offers :slight_smile:

Appreciate yours fully my friend - Were getting closer to the figure I had in mind for sure.

Le bump - Super focused Pvp Subcap.

Out of curiosity, what is your BO?

Thats no fun - :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont see any other 137mil SP + as focused as this one currently, and I have seen you bidding higher for in my opinion lesser toons. (mah feels)

Also to mention many rare skins come as part of the package including the beautiful Zebra Lehask skin along with other surprises and a MG Ask Head.

You are obviously interested - Give me your best price no faffing around and ill let you know if you get it or not.

Ready to close a deal with the right person who isn’t looking for a SP flip.