Selling 61.8 Mil SP. born the 2nd day eve went live

They don’t get any older unless they were beta.
I have taken out over 100 mil SP over the last 2 yrs.
But he has 61.8 right now. I kept his leadership skills.
That’s the main thing I kept the rest needs to be relearned.

born on 5-7-2003. He was created within 24hrs of the game going live.
I can cancel sale at any time. I reserve the right to reject a bid and always reject stupid.
I have not done anything with him in over 4 years so I may as well sell if i get enough cash otherwise he will just train.

No kill rights
5.0 security standing
positive wallet
He has one bonus remap and is also ready for his yearly remap.

I have about 3 billion worth of skill books inserted including all carrier and dreads and 2 freighter books.
I can do level 4 sister of eve and fed navy missions.
no negative standing with any of the 6 major powers in high sec.
Over 1.3 billion isk in implants over 5 clones. including 3 fleet implants the good ones.

Starting price is 47 billion isk.

Hi Xirtam,

You owe me a Tempest!

Long live Curse Alliance

45 billion isk buyout

Offer way to low. I don’t anyone anything. I don’t even know who you are.
You must be thinking of an owner long ago. check the last sale date of me and then you will see I don’t know you.

bump to the top.

bump to the top.

last bump then off the market.

47 billion isk buyout

Current bid by email is 49 bil isk. thanks to all 4 of you.
Since there is interest i will extend the sale for 24 hrs from now unless i get a 50 bil isk offer.
This is still well below the liquidation of SP value not to mention age and fleet leadership.

50 billion isk buyout

send the isk and i will start the process. assets are moved already.
i accept the 50 billion isk buyout offer. You are getting one hell of a good deal.

50 billion isk and account information sent ingame for transfer of XirtamVotf to my account.

thanks got the isk starting the transfer process shortly.

thank you and enjoy this first day of eve character.

Transfer Character

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: XirtamVotf

Will be completed after: 12/6/2018 11:28:03 AM

damn just remembered the clothes and stuff…
Could you give them to me when you get him please?

Character arrived, thanks for trade.

so i guess you are not going to return my expensive clothes?
Not very upstanding. CCP can you step in since no real valuable assets are allowed to go with the character and I made the mistake of forgetting about all those clothing items. I know you have stepped in before and fixed problems like this if the new owner would not make it right in good faith.

Open a ticket, from the looks of a few other posts it took other people 18+ days after opening a ticket with CCP to get an issue resolved in bazaar

thanks for the heads up. i did and am still waiting. :frowning:

that char was born in 2011 mate