Dead Jim?

Is she dead Jim?

she dead

CCP fix the servers, we have a citadel to bash :stuck_out_tongue:

who do I talk to about potentially having lost 4 augmented praetors?

I was doing so well… first site of the day I score a stratios chip.

are they expensive ?

C’mon CCP don’t make me log into wow.


near on 30mill each

im sure they will be in your drone bay. i’ve been disconnected a few times recently with my drones out and when i logged back in, they were in my drone bay

Oh no the horror, anything but WOW

pubg time :))

yeah servers down wtf

WoW? Do you mean that game that is now full of self-indulgant little snowflakes that want everything handed to them on a plate?..

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I hope so, I had the launch command queued when things went tits up, so they weren’t even showing as having launched… my missile launcher tubes emptied and none of the rats exploded, my tubes didn’t reload… best case: drones either didn’t launch or they got back in. Worst case: I’m down 9 expensive drones and a 2bill battleship.

To no one it is your fault for no knowing CCP was having connectivity issues. Get gud /S Contact CCP support they will call you a liar and lie about this being your fault.


at last

yeah that was basically my experience…

I was actively pinging eve related resources and I didn’t see a single spike.


Yep thats the one, I really don’t want to log onto it. Sailaway i suppose sigh.