Dead Market regions

Other than The Forge, Domain and Sinq most regions are now dead.

This problem has existed for a while, but is now much worse. Should CCP take action and add mechanics to either add incentive to using other regions markets or further penalise the Forge to encourage players to split up trade?

If this is really true, the way to create larger geographical granularity in the economy is to either make the gameworld larger, or transport slower/harder.

Who told that all regions should be same size weight and activity as Forge? And why didn’t you mention Delve ?

Hek is still busy too.

Sshhh! Don’t let the riffraff know!

Yes, when i go to a small village in Laos, Nigeria, I cannot buy my Calvin Klein cologne. It infuriates me. What will the Government of Nigeria do? Should they be forced to take action so that my favorite cologne is available for purchase in every single village?

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This is not a problem, it is a feature.

EVE has a big enough economy for some (thought not all!) real world rules of economics to apply. One is that suppliers and consumers balance convenience against price.

My Corp manufacturers stuff. We sell all of it at the nearest trade hub, one jump away. We do our own shipping of raw materials and finished goods, and that’s enough for us.
Traders at the Hub work to keep prices stable, haulers and entrepreneurs shift goods between trade hubs.

That said, it’s up to consumers to decide how many trade hubs there should be. To put it in real world terms, if you would rather drive to the megastore for cheaper prices, then your mum and pop convenience shop will close.

Hubs are natural yes, but I think it’d be more interesting if the market was more regional.

By that I mean perhaps a production bonus for making Amarr ships and weapons in Amarr space for example.
And / or a tariff on imports and exports moving through regional empire gates to disincentivize bulk reselling.

This would return some of the flavour of Eve in roleplay terms as well as distribute markets more widely without reducing convenience - production is always able to keep up with demand easily - so it would perhaps return to each region having a central hub rather than the completely empty regional markets we have now.

As a producer you must also understand an issue with Jita is the 24 hour per day market 0.01 price wars - so getting your stock sold can take more time via the market than building it. This is especially true on anything with significant demand because all your competition is centralised.
This is a major consequence of having a centralised super-hub.

I am not against station trading but by distributing markets more widely across regions it opens up more opportunity for real traders (people moving stuff between regions for price differences), as well as adds more locations for those station bound traders to play. It also means opportunities for quicker reshipping etc so players can pvp more locally - I’m aware currently everyone just buys ships and fittings in bulk and moves them to a base location.

What if though, for example you’re a pilot in Amarr militia and your local hub was like 10% cheaper for a Zealot as production bonuses and tariffs make the baseline production cost 10% cheaper there than anywhere else? Some more people would take advantage an fly more zealots in Amarr militia. Other people would ferrythe cheaper zealots to distant regions to resell under the local build cost, creating more targets for suicide gankers. Certain T2 salvage types would occur more in Amarr regions and lots of other small but subtle effects that add dynamism to the market.

Anyway - I just wanted to put some thoughts out there - I’ve been playing since Yulai was the central hub - I saw the game become 4-6 major hubs fairly well distributed for a time before Jump Freighters really impacted things to where it is now with 95% or whatever of all trade going through Jita.

It has its convenience, but also its drawbacks. I’m hoping by adding even more convenience it would enable more players to get out there locally playing the game and spend less time running back and forth to Jita - a bit more local flavour never hurts the game in the past. Cheers.

A deliberately obtuse reply normally would not warrant my reply but… I like analogies, even stupid ones…so here goes:

When you’re in that small village in Laos which is a different country to Nigeria by the way, it is unlikely they will stock your CK cologne there that is true.
Stores will only stock things locally produced or things that sell well there so I’m sure there would be a local equivalent cologne of another brand - however - assuming you are so determined to smell that certain ambiguous CK way - I’m sure plenty of those stores would offer to order it in for you.
They charge you a fee then would place an order and it would be shipped from where it is produced or stored, likely from overseas by air freight then transported over land on a lorry all the way to the store just for you.

The price the store charges includes the various shipping companies costs, as well as all sorts of tariffs and duties that have been previously agreed by the Nigerian government and Laotian government and with the rest of the World Trade Organisation just so you can now smell like the unique special plonker you are accustomed to smelling like at home.

Contacting the Nigerian government about a Laotian (or even Nigerian) store not maintaining stock of CK cologne in case you happen to wander in would seem slightly picky given the obvious and normal avenues to re-unite you with your scent, however if you choose to do that I’m sure there is a way for you to make that complaint, no matter how petty and irrelevant - just don’t expect too much from any reply.

What relevance this has to Eve and its dead market regions I leave for you to infer as you did for me. Toodle-oo.

I misspelled Lagos, which the most populous city in nigeria, but okay. Glad you were knowledgable about geography to know that Laos isnt in Nigeria, but couldnt pick up the Lagos part.

The point of the analogy is that, you cant expect to see everything in all regions.

So i guess, whoosh?

I dunno I don’t think they should do anything to add incentives to the regional markets. The markets ‘will’ that Jita is the center of the universe so I think it should be so.

The local cologne in Laos is ■■■■ and the stench of death.

Eve markets are like real life. It’s based in supply and demand. If there is no demand there is no supply.

Incentives are up to players to broker a deal with traders to come to quieter places, but again, no demand, no supply, no one wants to have their orders set to 3 months and expire.

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I’m glad we agree, no sense to force something that just simply isn’t there.

please kill this thread

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