Map disbalance and why we have 1 trade hub

I want to share with you the thought that Caldaria has become an autocratic side, making Gallents and Matars their slaves. I don’t think it’s right / fair when all the goodies are in the one side of the map.

p.s. I don’t know English well, I translated it as best I could)

what do you think about this?

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I travel around buying items at low price from various Trade Hubs, then sell most of those items in Minmatar Trade hub.


i dont like the new map at all
i miss my weaboo caldari friends

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Well, I appreciate the write-up, and you do make a strong case that there is regional imbalance. However, I’m not sure that this is a bad thing. Moreover, I’m willing to bet that even if HS were to be divided into identical regions in terms of resources and layout, we’d still see trade hub activity follow Zipf’s law. And, I believe that’s because traders are incentivized to trade where there are more customers, and customers are incentivized to buy where they can do one stop shopping and get more competitive prices. In fact, I’d bet that if you broke down trade volumes in each region, you’d find that it would also follow zipf’s law, with each region having a dominant trade hub.

I also kind of like the imbalance between the regions. Caldari space is bustling with activity, gets easy access to the best trade hub in the game, and apparently has better resources, but it also has increased competition and an increased threat from gankers and other HS PvP’ers. And other regions see less competition and threat of HS PvP in exchange for their crappier trade hubs and lesser resources. This creates meaningful choice when deciding where to live, helps HS PvP’ers find content (because they can hang out in places where potential targets are more plentiful), creates trade opportunities for region traders, and, dare I say it, makes new eden a more… interesting place.

But I’d like to hear what you have to say. Do you think this regional imbalance is a bad thing, and why?


Oh, do you have a source for the 300 trillion isk value being associated with RMT?

if anything, I’m talking about the goods meant) A4E - Trade volume by type - The Forge take numbers and multiply by 30

interesting thought, I need time to think it over) now my brain is not working.

I sell anywhere to anyone.

Hubs is for chumpz


What’s the going rate these days? :smirk:

How much you got?

There is no need for more than one mega hub. If you want more distribution of market places, go ahead and create markets on your own. No one prevents you from distributing more goods from Jita to other areas, or buy from local producers to sell in other areas.

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My wife says I don’t have enough. :cry:

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Youre adorable, btw <3

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