The markets influence over a region despite its geography?

I live in a relatively low pop region. I sometimes wonder if I could understand the region/activity enough to push activity in a desired direction or towards certain playstyles. Could I manage my industry and market orders well enough with the right items on the market in the right places to maybe push activity towards gameplay styles the market doesn’t already suggest, or will the already understood geographical nature of the region be too strong to do such a thing? How many industry jobs and market orders would it take to focus a low pop regions GDP and gameplay anyway? What kind of data would I need to look at, in game or otherwise, to begin to understand the regions activity as a whole? How influential are local markets in how we like to play? Do we all just have our minds made up about what we like to use and fly despite what’s nearby or would we be willing to ignore some geographical deficiencies if some of these local markets were more stable, focused, and developed?

I have posted in dead regions and people started buying my things. A few others have done this as well that I talked to and people will start buying most of the regions I think are dead is because of travel time to market hubs.

So if you post items (good price) people will buy and start to live in those areas. Sometimes it takes time I had a hub that started very low like a few billion a month that started to climb to several billion a month took several months but it finally started to become a big hub.

Post items for sale and readjust each month something not selling then take it off the sell list put something else on.

T2 is always good to just stock or things people need mining/drones/pve gear/t2 mods etc.

Do you think, for example, if I were to create a stable market for mining frigates that people would start mining more, even if the mining is more lucrative a few regions away? Do you think distance from hubs is the primary reason?

Could work. People are usually already in the area looking for the mods to fit if they need them in the region.

They will come and go but like some hubs i created after a while it starts to build up with people sticking around so it will work.

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