The markets influence over a region despite its geography?

I live in a relatively low pop region. I sometimes wonder if I could understand the region/activity enough to push activity in a desired direction or towards certain playstyles. Could I manage my industry and market orders well enough with the right items on the market in the right places to maybe push activity towards gameplay styles the market doesn’t already suggest, or will the already understood geographical nature of the region be too strong to do such a thing? How many industry jobs and market orders would it take to focus a low pop regions GDP and gameplay anyway? What kind of data would I need to look at, in game or otherwise, to begin to understand the regions activity as a whole? How influential are local markets in how we like to play? Do we all just have our minds made up about what we like to use and fly despite what’s nearby or would we be willing to ignore some geographical deficiencies if some of these local markets were more stable, focused, and developed?

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