Can the right market options revitalize a low pop region?

Do you guys think the right buy/sell orders on the market could bring people to lower pop, underused regions even if there may be minor, or otherwise, geographical reasons not to do it.

If I were to work towards a consistent supply of mining barges, appropriate modules, and ore/mineral buy orders, would miners gravitate towards mining there? Or would miners still avoid it for other reasons. Basically could I try to “force” certain activity just by populating the market with the right supply of items? Within reason of course. Would they run more lvl 4 missions if there were plenty of the right ships and modules? Could the combination of the right buy/sell orders bring people in, or are there heavier factors that keep people from using certain regions?

L4 mission running decisions for me are based on the system security (0.5) being best for me, proximity to a major trade hub, lack of competition for selling LP items. If somehow you could get a new trade hub started near an 0.5 security system then perhaps but that is a super uphill battle, especially since some major alliances have serious stakes in the trade hubs being where they are now.


Change only comes when someone tries so go for it and see what happens.

If the system have strategy value to others, but need at working market. Then i think yes.

But it should allso be enought jumps away from other large hubs to make sense for ppl to use.

You could also try to seek out other small markeds to further support the supply chain.


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