Alliance BUY ORDER?

Does anyone know how I could go about setting up a temp “Buy Order” for my alliance to sell to? I’ll be needing alot of ore and was thinking about setting something up so anyone that is apart of the alliance and mining could sell their ore to it. any guidence would be greatly appreciated


I hadn’t looked into the details of that new system where the Corp can set tasks or projects. I am just wondering what is that all about.

Is it just for skill training and mission management for fellow members?

/like right now I use outside websites that are running the API”s to decide where to buy planet materials and try to stock up at the same time of trying to watch the price history to find the price cut off to generate a profit months later down the track.

We all see the value but everyone has their views on what is best for their position.

It would be a great tool to be able to setup, ie right now I’m looking for returns in December

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Option 1: If your alliance holds stations (engineering complexes, citadels), you can set up buy orders in them and lock the market (or restrict docking) for everyone outside the alliance. Limit the orders for “this station only” and that’s it.

Option 2: You can create Want To Buy contracts limited to the members of your alliance. I’m not 100% sure about this, since I’m not a member of an alliance and I think I remember that you could do this several years ago.

Unfortunately, alliances are more like shells with very little mechanics available to alliances compared to corporations.

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