Dead space Excavations FW Indy

To all the faction warfare players bored of combat, to all the miners looking for a home, to all the new players looking to make a living for yourselves, Deadspace Excavations welcomes you with open arms! We are a newbro friendly indy corp under the UCSC Caldari faction warfare alliance, the biggest alliance in faction warfare. With the new changes many new guns are needed to keep the fight going, and it has never been a better time to join if you were on the fence before.

Our Rules:

  1. Real life comes first. Let us know if you will take an extended leaveā€”no call to arms or midnight pings.
  2. Good behavior. We do not tolerate sexism, racism, or threatening behavior. General teasing/joking is fine.
  3. No AWOXing or destruction of militia members. Any word of this will result in expulsion and permanent red standings. You may defend yourself if aggressed upon.
  4. Be in discord when in space. You do not need a mic but just be listening.

Our Benefits:

  1. Common Orca boosting
  2. Safe high-sec ore and ice mining
  3. Soon to have citadels for refining and manufacturing
  4. Active discord with frequent options for fleets

Interested? Read the wikidot ( and join the alliance discord (United Caldari Space Command) so we can get you into the Caldari Militia!

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