Deadspace Excavations recruiting miners/industrialists

Deadspace Excavations Now recruiting Miners and Industrialists

Joining Requirements:
☼ Joining Discord server
☼ Authenticating to alliance Auth servers
☼ No egos allowed

We Offer:
☼ Lots of Mining Ops in Low/Null Sec
☼ R64 Moon mining/0.0 Sov
☼ Part of The Imperium
☼ Orca/Rorq Boosting
☼ Ore Backback Program
☼ Corp Freighting available

Want to know more?
Please join our Discord - Deadspace Excavations

Deadspace Excavations – Shadow.Ultimatum

Recruitment still open

Recruiting miners

recruiting for indy

Open recruitment

i want to join realy bad

Then do it! :wink:

Recruiting indy pilots