Deadspace Excavations Recruitment Center

Deadspace Excavations Now recruiting Miners and Industrialists
Joining Requirements

  • Over 18 years of old
  • Basic English speaking skills
  • No drama

We Offer

  • Mining Ops - Lowsec Mining
  • Orca / Porpoise Mining Boost
  • Friendly and engaged community
  • Corp Freighting
  • Ore Buyback Program
  • Opportunity to make Isk by supplying the Caldari State’s war effort with Ships and Weapons

Want to know more?
Please join our Discord - United Caldari Space Command
In-game public chat - UCSC-Public


Sounds like a great corp!

Bump for more guns for fw

Any R32/R64 moons to mine?

Bump to build more internet spaceships!!

The indy empire begins today!

Bump for an amazing and beautiful beginning!

I love our new setup!!

Lots of opportunities!

I cant wait to get our capital production 100% running here shortly!

iskies to be made! :slight_smile:

Mining is soo relaxing in scifi games

Hulk go BRRRRRR… Join Deadspace Excavations Today!

Dont miss out on the new opertunities

Now our indy wing is undergoing other opertunities of PVP! join to learn more about our PVP sessions!!!

yes we are miners with teeth!

Looking for an active indy corp that does amazing things beside indy? JOIN EXCA!

hell yeah brother!

bump for the mining boys!

Black ops defense means you’ll never lose another mining ship!