Deadspace Excavations - recruiting any and all Miners/Industrialists

Deadspace Exacavations Is now recruiting Miners and Industrialists!
Joining Requirements:
• over 18 years old
• English speaking skills
• No drama

We offer:
• Constant Mining Ops
• Orca/Rorq Boosting
• Friendly and engaged community
• Corp Freighting available
• Ore Backback Program
• Get paid to supply the Caldari State with ships and weapons!

Want to know more?
Hit us up on Discord or In-game!
Discord: United Caldari Space Command
In-game Public Channel: UCSC-Public


Bump for sure

Bump! love the Fw scene here!

bump for the orca

Best corp in New Eden!

Very good Corp, orca is on 14 hours a day for easy boosting

Bump! for the best! team UCSC ftw

Bump for capital Indy with the new changes


Bump for the best miners

Best for the top indy corp

Yay we took another system for the State! more miners!

bump for the beast group of guys!

If you’re looking to join a industry/mining focused corporation which has making ISK a goal but are also working towards something bigger, this is a great corporation to join.

Not wrong!

Daily orca boost and dropping structures soon, nice all around

bump for the best!

Bump for a bigger Indy fleet

So far it’s been a pretty chill place. Access to HS and LS ore.

Got a clear idea of what they need produced so that helps with direction and learning the industry part.

The ore buyback is also helpful for quick cash and income while other industry skills train.

They also have some industry vets if you have any questions.

10/10 worth it.

bump for the best team!