DEAMON DRAGONS ARMY - C4 WH Corp Looking For New Pilots!

New Pilot Friendly - C4 WH Corp with C3/C5 Statics looking for new pilots to grow numbers and explain our corp base. We are willing to train as you grow with us.
We are a New-Pilot Friendly with No Minimum Skill Points Requirement we do it all from:

  • Exploration.
  • Small-Scale PvP Gangs.
  • Mining Ore and Gas.
  • Manufacturing, Reactions, and other Industry.
  • WH Evections Offensive and defensive.
  • Small-Scale PvE Gangs.

We operate and live from C4 J-Space. If you’re new to EvE or at least new to the wormhole life, and want to learn then we want to teach you!

What we have to offer you:

  • A New Home: Great for Easy Solo/ Newbro ISK making
  • Mining Ore & Gas Ops
  • Small-Gang PvP during WH runs to learn PvP
  • People to Share Memes With and Learn How to live in J-Space.
  • No SP or ISK Requirements
  • A Real-Life First Based Corporation
  • A Voice as a Corp Member
  • Internal Corp advancement available with Corp growth

What we want from you:

  1. A Drive to be Apart of a The Corp’s Growth!!
  2. A Sense of Humor, With a some Class
  3. On Discord and Teamspeak for Corp and Alliance Communications when online
  4. We are active from about 03:00 to 08:00 EVE Time currently but will expand as new members join.
  5. :star: If you are interested, stop by our Discord: Deamon Dragon's Army :star:
  6. Contact “Bdeath118” In-game to make contact outside of active hours to setup a Discord meeting

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