Deamon Dragons Army Is Recruiting (USTZ Wormhole Corp)

We are a growing C2-LS/C2 Wormhole Corp, and we want you to become a member of our family. With a huge focus on Indy and mining but is expanding out!

A little about us:
  • Relaxed Supportive Experienced Leadership
  • Steady moon mining
  • C2 & LS statics, so permanent content for anyone willing to look for it for a few minutes.
  • Discord for for in and out of game communication and content
  • EvE-HR page to help maintain organization.
  • Room for internal Corp advancement.
  • Help to all new family members to get you established in your new home as well as ongoing support
  • Dedicated pathfinder WH maps

Currently operating in US timezone. (2130 - 03:00 EVE time)

Corp Values:

  1. Real life comes first.
  2. Senior members will mentor others on the world and mechanics of EVE.
  3. Corp Members Defend Each other if attacked.

The perfect fit:

  • Mic/headset for Discord
  • Scanning skills, on an alt is ok (or be able to train the skills required)
  • Ability to fly the doctrines (or be able to train the skills required)
  • An affinity for wanting to learn new thing!
Present Goals of the Corporation:
  1. Increase Active member count.
  2. Development of combat, industrial, mining, and research abilities.
  3. Development of internal infrastructure to support members.

You don’t need:

  • Wormhole experience, however experience is an added bonus.
  • A ton of skill points - 2 million i will do!

How to apply:

Join our our Discord or place an APP at Demon Dragons Army on EvE HR

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Still looking for more Industry and PvP based member to fill the Demon ranks.

Still looking for more active pilots of all walks of EvE.

As always still looking for new pilots.

Aways looking and taking Apps

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