Dear Senior Community Manager

Last your update was:
23:15 UTC - TQ is now in monitoring mode, and is online and accepting connections.

In ccp_falcon twitter page 8 hours ago was pretty post:
“we’re happy to announce that the March release is live!”

Why no any update? Chats bugged, old chats channels broken and ect. And no any info for yours costumers.
Why you ignore players ? You are “Community Manager” or not ?

Thank the heavens that Fiona is here to keep CCP on their toes!


I assume it’s because people need sleep?Their company isn’t huge so it doesn’t have development studios in different countries and across multiple timezones.


Huh? Your think that if you a “Senior Community Manager” and you company screw up you can go a sleep? Its your work to communicate with players. Thats that do all Community Managers in normal companys. But ccp has its own meaning of that post. You wanna say that Falcon all last day siting and look at game code ? Huh? Yes he really tired that cant make his direct duty : communicate with players !

Community Manager/Janitor/Handyman/Cafeteria Cook. He’s got a lot of important jobs. Oh, and he also waters the plants.

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Atleast have SOMEONE give a small update on the matter, now we know nothing…

You can’t expect people to not go to sleep and/or work massive amounts of overtime because the patch broke something in your favorite MMO.

I do agree that CCP could do a lot better when it comes to communication though. Simply have a second person on stand-by that can fill in while the other guys get some sleep.

A good start would have been to fire the entire community team with the exception of 1 or 2 guys… oh wait.


idk why ccp get rid of staff who are actually useful but still keep falcon around

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we still have community devs? I thought they all got thrown into the volcanos on the last firing raid with a good portion of the VR staff they didn’t keep.

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Huh? Your think that if you a “Senior Community Manager” and you company screw up you can go a sleep?

Yes he can, and he should. Except you are the Senior community Manager of a sweatshop.

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Probably CCP Guard and CCP Falcon were the only ones who had positive outlook on the future of CCP.

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i think the game got a lot worse

You know, I once heard of that exact management technique in a joke book. “Sometimes the best way to improve morale is to fire all the unhappy people.” I wonder what other CCP fundamentals are taken from not understanding what humor is.

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If this thread doesn’t get them motivated, OP can always try throwing herself on the floor and holding her breath.


Can I ask what communication you think was needed, when the development team was sleeping? So there were no changes?

I know how hard CCP Falcon works. No-one’s in any position to give him ■■■■ for that.


No, no, you missed the part where they are not allowed to sleep:


Yeah, this is getting locked.

Read the news in future.