Debian 9, Nvidia, clean KDE build

I’ve had CCP Snorlax’s launcher running nicely under Debian 8, but now I’ve built a Debian 9 (Stretch) installation I’m flummoxed.

The build is stock. Nvidia drivers implemented, KDE desktop (so QT5 in in) all sweet as a nut. Set up the Launcher, Symlink in the correct OpenSSL libraries; Launcher updates (re-link OpenSSL - it’s all still there using a wrapper script), the client all downloads happily, log the account in and push launch. I’m using CCP Master latest build of Wine - it’s served me well in the past (Thank you CCP Snorlax.)
Black screen, loading bulk data, then a windows application crash error message.
With Log Lite, when comparing the two start ups (the working Debian 8 and this one) the only fundamental difference seems to be an xaudio related error against evelauncher:

“err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x17e5a0 “xaudio_dll.c: XA2SourceImpl.lock” wait timed out in thread 0055, blocked by 005a, retrying (60 sec)”

(There is another error “err:winediag:schan_imp_init Failed to load libgnutls, secure connections will not be available.” - before it but I’m not convinced that is causing the crash in the windows executable.)

I’ve got the various i386 libraries also loaded (dual architecture) as listed here (I recall some when I built the Jessie machine) but I’m now reaching the end of my knowledge on this.

Any ideas? has anyone else had this type of error and what line of solution did you try?

I think this is still libssl related. I’ve had borked setups lately with siduction and such that would still authenticate with the launcher, but fall on face for the actual exefile - and I’m 95% sure it was shenanigans with authentication.

Honestly with the CCP wine lagging behind almost as much as a standard Ubuntu install, one really is better right now just using vanilla Wine-dev 3.x versions, running a quick winecfg and allowing basics to install, and then downloading the plain windows launcher.

Such a thing didn’t used to work easily. Now it does. The constant progress being made with everything else is making the linux launcher harder to run since it doesn’t include all of the dependencies.

How do you feel about switching to Debian 10 “Buster” aka the testing distribution?

There you can use WINE 3.2 and it runs with EVE’s standard Windows installer almost out-of-the-box. No need for the Linux installer, no symlinks, etc… You only need to run winecfg-development once to set it to “Windows XP”-mode and you’re ready to play.

Thank-you, that’s given me something to look through.
I use the desktop as my main machine, but if it’s at a reasonably stable state it’s tempting (I use Debian for its stability). However, you’ve given me a thought of pulling into Stretch through backports Wine3.0.1 and giving that a go.

I don’t know how familiar you are with the testing distributions, but they are usually stable. It’s only after the release of a new major Debian version, when a new cycle of development kicks off, where you find stability issues. Now almost a year has passed since the release of Debian 9 and I don’t expect to see any major issues until the release of Debian 10. It’s been “smooth sailing” with testing for a while now.

And it’s not like one couldn’t find any issues with the stable distribution. This here is one good example of how the stable distribution can backfire. I’ve been using Debian for more than 15 years and I love Debian’s conservative approach to making a distribution, but it keeps pulling me onto testing because of the newer package versions and because of its usability.

In short, if you’re not limited by other constraints then I recommend you go with the testing Distribution.

Whitehound - thank-you, I will keep that in mind.
Having pulled Wine3.0.1 (plus gubbins) from Backports, then it’s fired up nicely. DX9, but that’s where I was before. Thank-you for your assistance.

Here is how I installed it on my system, got it working in the end…:

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