EVE on Debian with Wine

I successfully ran the 32bit launcher on Debian (stretch) with Wine by following the instructions from this link. Read the post from “splat”:

Please let me know if you are able to run the game by following these instructions. I am interested to know if they will work with Debian Buster.

However, when I tried to launch the client, it would not run. I believe that it is my old hardware that is preventing the client from running and the instructions in the above link should work on compatible hardware. It appeared to open the client window, but then it would close and return to the launcher.

I cannot run the newest release of Debian (Buster) because my video card is old.

Pls. state which video card you have and hardware. If it is a Nvidia card you can use one of the nvidia-legacy drivers, for an AMD card need to know which one. For your info the EVE linux launcher doesn’t care if you are 32 or 64 bits.

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