[December, and then February] New Overview Group for Cyno Fields

Hey folks. We are trying something a little unusual this month to hopefully get a nice UI tweak for you folks with a smoother than usual transition.

We’ve had player requests for quite some time to move the Cynosural Field to its own inventory group so that it can be selected separately from other beacons in overview tab presets.
Since we generally avoid messing with people’s saved overview settings we’ve run into some painful transitions in the past moving items around between groups as the items might not appear in some people’s custom overviews. Missing cynos in an overview tab preset that you want cynos to show up on is far from ideal for obvious reasons.

So we’re going to try something a bit different this time: in the December release we’ve created a new group called “Future Home of Cyno Fields”. You’ll be able to find this group within the “Celestial” category in your overview tab presets menu. There isn’t anything in this group right now, but in our February release we plan on renaming the group to “Cynosural Fields” and moving cynos over to it.
The two months in the meantime are intended to give players a chance to add the group to their custom overviews, as well as allowing the makers of shareable custom overview presets to add it to their offerings.

The end result of these changes will be that after Februrary you’ll be able to have an overview that shows cynos without showing standard beacons (such as the event beacons) or vice versa. We advise players to take this intermediate time to add the new “Future Home of Cyno Fields” to their custom overviews as they see fit, and to let their corp/alliance mates know to do the same.



Informative, helpful and insightful… Who are you and what did you do with our Fozzie?


That’s indeed an interesting and good thing.

Could you please also encourage work on a proper menu to make changes to overviews easier. It is absolutely not fun having to go through 20+ settings and add things with the current UI. :slight_smile:

Kinda lame two months just makes it more confusing in my mind i would rather see a week for adjustment time. The cyno to its own overview group is a great change though thumbs up for that.

Thanks Fozzie this is a good move +1


how about some kind of in-game notification for new overview types or changes

Works for me - will definitely alleviate hassles in updating packs which are otherwise sometimes quite time sensitive and challenging.

@CCP_Fozzie – Any chance you could let us know the groupID of the “Future Home of Cyno Fields” group in advance? Just so folks can get changes to their YAMLs handled ASAP, rather than waiting for the SDE?

Why not just have this preselected for overviews that currently show beacons? I mean rather than tens of thousands of people having to manually mess with their 5+ overview filters lol

Good change though +1

I would like if all beacons had their own subfilter. Fw plexes event beacons etc.

how about messing with that stuff only once but do it right?
why not give us new groups for the becons in general???

Ressource War
the in pocket becons In Mission/Escalations/Incursion Sites etc.

that would maybee also open the opportunity to give players ther specific missionsplaces in the overview (maybee also for fleetmember or/and for escalations in fleet and something)

at least it would US give the chance to clear our overview

just for some explanation: ever saw the mess in the overview while a event is running in an incursion system with a jove observatory in it and a landmark and someone doing res war? thats not funny

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Sure! It’s gonna be groupID 2020

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I like it. It’s a good change, and a good explanation of what’s going on. Thanks, @CCP_Fozzie!

They’re doing it in steps (and with a limited focus) to make sure they do it right.

i dont say dont do it. i wanted to mention is there an easy way to split the becon in more groups

Nice, thanks!

Why not just keep a version number on configs, and when the game starts up run some upgrade scripts to keep things sane.

In this case you notice the config is unversioned, so run a script to enable the Cyno group in all overview settings where the Beacons group is enabled. Then set the version number to 2. When you split another group in the future you can just do the reasonable thing and set version 3, etc.

Seems silly to make thousands of people do the same thing over and over in all of their overviews when a programmer could spend a day doing it once.

A smart change, thanks

Now I am surprised and it is as if there was a Christmas miracle after all and I don’t have anything to complain about.

Sounds like a like feature that can have something to build upon going forward. Good job!

Hey folks. Just to keep everyone updated: the plan as described in the OP is still on track.
The group change for cyno fields will be testable on SISI as soon as it gets updated with the first versions of the February release sometime over the next few days.

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