Summary of Cyno changes?

I went back and read some of the proposed cyno changes from the information portal from August.

Lots of resistance appeared to in that thread however.

I just returned to the game a couple weeks ago.

Anyone care to summarize how that drama played out? What types of ships can light what types of cynos?

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There’s a whole thread in upcoming features. Both the changes and the drama

Okay so this is still in development?

Also this new format format is such garbage I am surprised people dont get more threads like mine from players returning to find this utter rats nest of unorganized forum topics and information.

Um no. As that post stated they are planned changes for the september release. it is in “upcoming features and changes” because it was posted in August, as an upcoming change.

The rest of the thread is the drama that ensued.

To see the actual changes you can look at the september release notes.

Or you could just go straight to the patch notes and read from where you left to current.

You want us to read the notes and summarize them for you?

We’re not your mommy.


It might be in Eve’s best interest to provide some TDLR mechanism of some sort. Some returns to the game are not a matter of a few months or 6 months top. Some might return after years, a decade maybe. Do they take the typical toxic eve forum response and read a decade’s worth of patch notes?

My TLDR: â– â– â– â–  off.


This chick has what you need!

The patch notes are already about as TLDR you can get without basically leaving changes out. Then people would just complain that the TLDR patch notes are incomplete.

in the time it has taken to get this thread to where it is, you could have finished reading the patch notes for the cyno changes.

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OP are you kidding?
googling “eve cyno changes” takes you right there: Chaos Era Continues - Cyno Update



Reported again…

So all answers to your post suggested that you were lazy and could have easily found the info by yourself. I litterally linked you the first link that i found on google to answer what you asked.
A normal reaction would be that you feel a bit ashamed of your initial post
And instead of that you report one of the posters…

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Wow Captain Obvious there were 41 replies to one initial post in that thread link and then 2727 additional entries that would command 1/2 to a full workday to get through… before you drilled down to actually WHAT HAPPENED in the final rollout.

Oh and Serk The Jerk will always get a report for his personal attacks.

Just an FYI, it doesn’t do anything.

Or as mentioned multiple times now you could have just read the actual patch notes and seen what actually was changed in like a minute or two. Yet still we go around and around.

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that’s what you asked, yes?

so here is what i linked to you in the link

"This September we are planning large changes for Cynosural Fields:

Cynosural Field Generator I can only be fit by Force Recon Ships and Black Ops Battleships (note: these classes can still fit covert cynos)
Black Ops Battleships gain a 50% role bonus to Cynosural Field Generator duration
Introducing a new type of Cyno, the Industrial Cynosural Field
Industrial Cynosural Field Generators can be fit by Tech I Industrial Ships, Blockade Runners, and Deep Space Transports
Industrial Cynosural Field Beacons can be jumped to by Jump Freighters"

" Update August 26 : We have received an enormous amount of feedback on this change and have decided to make some adjustments to address the biggest issues we see by adding a 3rd type of cyno that can be fit to tech I industrials and used by Jump Freighters. This will solve the most important issue raised which was that cyno vigils would be impossible with the steep skill and ISK requirements associated with Recons and Black Ops. Now Industrials will offer a very affordable option with a cyno that appears in overview and on the map. We are very glad to preserve this tradition and appreciate the community emphasis on doing so."

I think that these two paragraphs correctly answer the questions you asked, no?
They are located litterally at the top of the thread

Thank you.