Some works to CCP About Cyno changes

For the cyno changes you should also include covert ops. Maybe even empower it’s lock out (stun) timer to be much lower then the rest. Covert ops badly needs a unique place in game play.
Please look into this.

On another more important note.

Listen guys, Change is hard. Please understand, that you’ve ran the game with a mentality that was out dated, and inefficient for years. naturally people became lazy, comfortable, even upset.

It’s sorta like changing taxes in a country. No one wants it, but everyone understands deep down inside why it’s done. So as you push forward, trying to restore balance and success to the game, i implore you to keep this in mind.

Your on the right track. Break up those super powers and we’ll see health return to the game. it’s ok if the coordinate some, just not to the point they are now.

I know its hard, but you really need to tackle that base code for corps/diplomacy. Or deprecate it all and create new gui’s and systems through it.

Keep up the change. You are doing good.

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