Decent orca/porpoise pilot

would lke to know how much im worth

can fly orca with t2 mining/shield command bursts
can use t2 and augmented mining drones
can use mining foreman mindlink

15m sp just in the process of leaving a c5 wh corp
caldari freighter injected
transport ships injected
34 days until able to sit in a rrqual

EveSkillboard - FATIQUE SUCKS

I can offer you 6B

6.4bill :??

6 bill it is will drop corp into npc now

dropped into npc corp awaiting account details to start transfer and isk

Ok I will send the isk and account info now.

ok thank you

isk received awiaitng acoount info

both sent

account info received started character transfer, happy mining to ya :slight_smile:

Email received, thanks 4 the character!.

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