Declaration of War: Counter Attack

(CaseyLP) #1

Federation Uprising and Iron Armada, with the support of the Galmilistan Coalition, formerly declare war upon the Rebel Alliance of New Eden, Suicide Squad (formerly Army of New Eden), and their allies for transgressions taken upon allied territory in the previous weeks.

No crime will go unpunished, and our transgressors will see their land burned for actions taken against us. Take this as fair warning.

CaseyLP, Human Resources Director, Aideron Robotics

(Multifrequency) #2

I wish ‘Federation Uprising’ success during their operation against ‘Rebel Alliance of New Eden’.

Good luck sir

(CaseyLP) #3

And I in exchange wish you the best of luck on finally getting your alliance logo in game :slight_smile:

(system) #4

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