At 2023.11.09 10:44, Archangels issued a direct threat to our Public Astrahus on grid with the Zarzakh Gate; stating they are ready to take action if we do not being the unanchor within 24h.
When the Zarzakh “Delta” gate was discovered in August, DECOY rushed to place a safe observatory the same day for all capsuleers to witness. We have no plans to remove this infrastructure, and extend an invitation for you to show us what you’re capable of.

As a precaution; DECOY has removed both Archangels and Deathless Custodians from our public tether and will not be allowed to dock in our structures in the system of G-0Q86.

See you tomorrow.

From: Archangels
Sent: 2023.11.09 10:44
To: BJK,  

To: xDECOYx Corporation, DECOY Alliance

From: Archangels Command


The Astrahus-class structure designated "G-0Q86 - DELTA OBSERVATORY PUBLIC TETHER", currently anchored in the system of G-0Q86 at spatial co-ordinates [-808530774749.0, -652546109128.0, -334839189030.0] and located in proximity to the G-0Q86-Zarzakh stargate, is to undergo decommissioning within 24 hours of this message or the Angel Cartel will take action to remove it.

The Angel Cartel and the Deathless Circle will tolerate no interference with access to Zarzakh in their common spheres of influence. Be on notice that Archangels forces will be ready to take any action to enforce our claims and preserve operational security with the full backing of the Deathless Circle. Our allies and supporters stand ready to assist.