Del :(

Still opened!

Some updates are coming up soon! We are not in a drone region anymore, we moved out to other null sec systems. We are looking for more players who want to enjoy null sec life! Come join us today!

Come join us! Good community awaits for you!

Come join us today!

Still opened!!

This Alliance is awesome join today.

Can i join

Contact me in game we will have a chat. I am usually online during USTZ 23:00 - 03:00 eve time

Come join us today!

Hey, are you in an alliance? The central trade union is looking for corporations to join its growing community for business trade and community

Hello! Thank you for your offer but we are alredy in a good alliance :slight_smile:

Come join us!

Do you want some beer, m?

C’mon guys, join us!

All-around pvp fleets, tasty angels and more awaits you!


I am a 25 mil sp pilot looking for a spot in nullsec I sold my toons I had and started over I can give full api and show where I sold and bought this toon. if you are interested in another member.

I will mail you in-game after server is up :smiley:

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PvP fleets and tasty angels awaits!

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Join us!