Delete please

Wanna mine and rat in null ?? And not have all the fuss of a CTA contact me in game we have many systems to rent out

Mordus Angels renting out lots of upgraded sov space in pureblind ,

Great rates
Upgraded space
Moon mining
Access to lots of services
Dead ends
Ice belts
Quiet places

If interested please contact me or any of Mordus angels leadership

Regards. Kilo

We have so many system to rent.out in the pureblind region its silly

Good rates
Moons also available
Guristas npc
Jump freighter help

Contact myself or any of our alliance leadership for more info

Plenty of interest

For more info on systems and pricing contact me ingame

Good Day Ulec here, my mates and I took a few year break, We fly everything between our mains and alts. I am mostly an indy guy, I used to handle a lot many years ago for IRC on that front, we all like to mine and PVP. We desire a home back in 00. Look forward to hearing back

Ulec Qel’droma

Ummm… MOA failscaded, bro.

thank s bill ive asked for this to be deleted

if anyone is looking for null sec though my corp is recruiting

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