Tycho Industrials wants rock munchers, join the ranks!

Corporation In Vale of the Silent Region accepting applications for miners and other industrial minded pilots.

-Ore buyback programs
-Fleet Logistics Support
-Developed systems for mining
-Exploration is available

Join our discord to chat with our members and ask questions if interested.

So… Nullsec renter ?

Yes Reaver_Argon we do rent our space

how much /month /member ?

We have a good deal working out right now that is 10% of all ore from the members goes as payment

Thats good for beginners… but i might contact you with another account later ! :slight_smile:

Its very cheap for anyone, you still can do ratting exploration PI just the mining we do want 10% of the ore witch is not much for null sec space, yes feel free to conact me at any time :slight_smile:

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