thank you for your participation in our public buy back. We have turned the program to corp only as we have moved to wh.

Issuing contracts! Join the independent movement.

Issuing contracts! Check out our pricing page!

Still issuing contracts.

Thank you for your loyal and continued support through our transition. Join us on discord!

still accepting contracts. The pricing page has been updated to reflect current margins and adjustments. Do you have a crazy amount of NullSec ore you like to contract? Not interested. For highsec, by highsec.

T-CAM has bought out all the original investors in this project. We will be narrowing our focus to Compressed Ice and Fuel related PI. We will no longer issue contracts for standard or moon ore. Thank you for your continued support.

I have application pending … will it be honored or do I need to re-submit?

The contract will be honored. We are freeing up liquidity as we have received a few similar request. I will contact you in game.

Contract was honored but pricing page has since been suspended - permanently?

Does this service now exist, or not?

the service is no longer public. The buyback program is now internal only. We have returned to issuing contracts for purchasing. I will update the op.

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