(TheRealMartini) #1

Make me an Offer

It will be in Aunenen KS.

(silver20) #2


(dsdsad wew) #3

I think the transaction price will not be less than 110 LOL

(spacedemolisher) #4

A friend got one for 85 like 3 months ago so dunno where ur getting 110 from

(dsdsad wew) #5

Three months ago?
lol Now a picture is 90b

(Opus's Slave) #6

I sold my last two for 85, 90. I’ll bid 90.

(dsdsad wew) #7

bpc or ships?

(Opus's Slave) #8


(dsdsad wew) #9

can you sell me bpc

(Metastatic Hyperplasia) #10

I bid 105bill

(TheRealMartini) #11

Hey guys, thanks for the interest the current highest bid is 110b via an in game mail.

There is 11days left on the build and I will call it once the build is complete.

(TheRealMartini) #12

Still for sale, comes out of the oven in 5 days.

(Opus's Slave) #13

I bid 95.

(Boombeczka) #14

75b, worst case scenario it will serve as bump

(TheRealMartini) #15

It has been Sold and for reference it sold for 110b.

(Zahara Cody) #16

50 bill. Worse case scenario is I still have 50 bil. Valid for 42 hours.

(system) #17

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