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I know how the function works. I know there is a confirmation box asking me if im sure. i also know contracts are a better way.,

is there a way to double check where i “delivered” an item to?? the item isn’t where i thought i sent it.

2nd question. If i sent the item wrongly. is there a way to reverse or retrieve the item?

There is no way to check this because only the recipient gets a delivery notification.
You’d have to file a petition.

If you “deliver to” the item doesn’t move - it simply goes into the deliveries hangar in the same structure for the recipient.

The delivery notification will specify where it is and who sent it - look under miscellaneous in communications. The recipient will also see the item in their personal assets.

No. But it probably was sent correctly. As was said above, there is a notification given to the recipient and which can be found in the notification mails. If it is your alt you sent it to, the notification will be there which includes the name of the station.

If it is someone else, they are possibly scamming/lying to you, or they aren’t looking in the correct place. Deliveries go into a special hanger, so it is easy for a player not used to the mechanic to overlook an item. Ask them to double check their notifications, and look in the deliveries hanger for the item. If they still claim it wasn’t delivered, I would tend to believe they are pulling a fast one and you are being lied to.

If it was your alt or you absolutely trust the other person, and you can’t find the notification in the mail of the recipient, I would then file a petition. If you delivered it to the wrong character, I don’t know what CCP’s policy is on reversing that, but at least you will know it was a real error on your part, and it truly didn’t just disappear due to a bug or server glitch.

i cant any evidence on the side of the sender of it being sent anywhere.
it was meant to go to another character on the same account.

Well if it was your alt, and you can’t find the notification in the communication center on the receiving character, that means either one of three things: 1) you didn’t send it correctly and it is still somewhere in the original character (rule this out by searching the assets of the sending character), 2) you delivered it to the wrong character (check your other alts in case you derped and typed the wrong one), or 3) there is a bug in the delivery system. If you are sure it is on none of your characters, the only thing left is to file a petition and ask CCP nicely where it went.

I kinda doubt there is a bug in the delivery system, but it is also pretty hard to mis-deliver an item given how it shows you who it is and displays their portrait. But I guess if you were in a rush you could have misclicked.

In any case, there is no record of where it went on the sending character, so your only option now is to file a petition.

the most probable thing imo is that you misstyped the name of the character whom you wanted to deliver things to
if it is the case, then you made a mistake, it is your fault, and no, you won’t get your item back.

i am hoping that isn’t what happened. :frowning:

Have you tried checking the same character that you delivered from? Whenever I deposit, it usually just straight up goes back to myself.

Yes, you can get items back if you made a mistake and the player hasn’t picked them up from delivery hanger.
I delivered by mistake to a player with a similarly spelled name. Figured out my mistake right away and filed a ticket with the time and name of person.
Got my stuff back.

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