Deliverance is Recruiting!


Deliverance iis a tight knit group of great people living in a C2 with a C5/NS statics. Our main focus are on nano/small/medium gang nullsec and WH PVP.

We’re looking for players who have previous pvp experience and who wants to live in WH space.

We want members who are:

  • Somewhat experienced with PVP
  • Self sufficient with isk.
  • Able to use a microphone and be on comms
  • Able to play the game without needing a ton of hand holding
  • True to their word.
  • Able to fly some kind of covops scanning ship
  • MUST be Omega

Your amount of SP is not as important. but more which skills the points are put into.

We’re mainly EUTZ but with members spanning all timezones.

We have the infrastructure to do industrial stuff if thats something you’re into.

Our Qualities:

  • Regular fleets
  • Friendly company
  • We always keep our word
  • Real life always comes first

If this sound like something for you, or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us in our pubchat “Deliverance Pub

BUMP! Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Shameless bump. We’re still here. And we still need specifically YOU! :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! We are still alive and kicking! Reach out if we sound interesting! :slight_smile: