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This did not last long. Loses a warhq looses a few ships and he\she promptly removes him\herself from being attacked and leaves.

Got some choice logs from chat with his salt from getting killed.

He could not protect anybody structure. I popped 4 structures myself during this time he was allied against me. And he could not protect his own warhq after he wardecced so many groups to snipe them at the JITA undock.

you mean you got some log form one of your boys like Enigma?
here you can enjoy it again https://i.gyazo.com/f3150eb78a6564b1bc282cc1afcfc68d.png
and yes, you can not defend against everything… that the reality, what your problem?
and why is it forbidden for me to try out the opposite side ?

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Absolutely nothing, but try to do it with some dignity instead of telling people how you are going to destroy them.

And when things don’t go your way and loose some ships you leave corp and off you go spouting about how you have more important things to do.

hey just chill… your time will come, line up in the queue, please.

initialy we wanted to do that content with much more people, i wanted to try it out first and to be honest… it dont make fun, when half of your modules can not be activated, because of some game restrictions…
anyway, it showed me that your members are toxic and liers, like pirates should be :slight_smile:

It sounds like you certainly got some content.