Derived Standings reset at logout/login

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I have been noticing this for a couple of weeks at least, that the Minmatar derived standings gain from running Sisters Of Eve storylines is disappearing after logging out. I just tested this again today running a Level 4 SOE distro storyline, and the derived standing for my Minmatar went from 4.78 to 4.90. I logged out then logged back in to check and it was back down to 4.78. The Gallente and SOE gains and all losses for the other factions were what they were after the Storyline but before the logout. The only other one that had also reset to its pre-storyline status was the Thukker Tribe standing loss (I have noticed before that Thukker Tribe standing losses from Gallente and SOE storylines clear after a log off). Currently, this situation is making getting standing gains for Minmatar harder than it should be, since one of the ways of doing so seems to be broken (SOE storylines). Anyone else notice this (or care)?

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F12 it.

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there are some caching issues with standings. although typcially that means your standings don’t show up as going up as far as they did. I’ve never seen standings go down when login out and back in.

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I looked through my spreadsheet that I track standings loss and gain from and here is what I noticed that has been clearing/resetting after I log out and log back in. I re-entered Eve in August this year and have just been grinding the major factions to 5.0 by mission running, so I have a lot of data collected. Currently 5.0 or better on G, A, C and 4.76 on Min.

What clears:
SOE gains and losses from all factions other than SOE.
Thukker Tribe losses from all but Amarr and Ammatar Mandate.
Minmatar gains from SOE.

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Solved/Explained: Basically what was happening was that the faction applied from SOE to Minmatar had hit its ceiling of 4.0. The gain only showed temporarily and when the session was refreshed, it disappeared. It really should not show in the first place, but at least I understand it now. Similar thing happens for A.M. having a ceiling of 4.0 for Caldari, so after 4.0 no derived gains for Caldari by running A.M. storylines.

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