- Desimus Maximus - Where are you? 10B ISK if you get him to contact me

Trying to get a character to contact me.

Desimus Maximus

Do you know him or an alt?

I’m offering 10 Billion ISK for a finder’s fee to anyone who can get him to contact me.

plz. I’ve been trying for years.

Move me if need be. I don’t know where to go.

he stopped playing 4 years ago, im sorry mate

I can do it.

Once I receive payment, Desimus will contact you.

If you’re looking for an alt I’d do a char search or zKillboard search on similar names, but chances are as Lord Arrexis said, your guy has quit playing.

For examples on searching for similar names:

Could also check evewho.com maybe. Good luck in your search!

(PS: Amusing char name)

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Sounds Roman to me, maybe one of these guys knows him ?

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