Desktop shortcut recreated every time

Please make some permanent exe and shortcuts that will launch actual Launcher. I move shortcut to Start menu, and after every update it’s gone because shortcut on desktop recreated.
Also add option to place permanent shortcut in All programms menu in Start menu.

  • Master, I have found a good wallpeper for your desktop.
  • Do you know my current wallpaper?
  • No, master.
  • And I don’t know.
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Not only desktop, the start menu creates a new shortcut as well, and the folder changes names with almost every new release. That’s what you get from contemporary developers. Discord does the same crap and it causes all kinds of issues.

On top: Is that launcher updating to 1.2.4 after every DT and reverting back to 1.0.2 after a restart hours later? For a few days now, every time I open the change log after DT, it states 1.2.4; but when I open it after a computer restart hours later, it says 1.0.2.

Speaking of which, why does the launcher keep re-creating the “Vanguard” dogshit shortcut on my desktop? I want nothing to do with it, its not installed and that garbage will never burden my system.

The eve launcher is acting like malware

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