Desolate. - EU/NA - Recruiting (PvP/Lowsec/BLOPS)

Join Desolate Today!

What We Do:

  • Fleet PVP (Small, Medium, and Large scale, Roams, Camps, Black Ops)
  • Capital Escalation
  • Black Ops and Capital Engagements
  • Active, consistent Fleets
  • Wormhole Harvesting Fleet Ops
  • PvE (Moon, Gas and Valuable Ore Mining, Level 5 Mission Running, Industry + Manufacturing)

What We Provide:

  • Discord
  • Teamspeak server
  • Alliance SRP (Ship Replacement Program)
  • Alliance Jump Freighter Service
  • Good Lowsec and Nullsec space
  • Profitable Ratting Systems
  • Industrial Opportunities
  • Alliance Buyback program

What We Are Looking For:

  • New and Experienced players
  • Active players in any Time zone
  • UK/EU/US Timezones preferred
  • Relaxed and Mature Atmosphere
  • Willingness to learn & communicate
  • At least 1 alt (Dread/Fax/Logi)
  • Active Killboard

If you think you might be interested in Joining Desolate, feel free to join our public channel, “Desolate.Recruiting” for more details.

AUTH: (MUST auth all toons before joining!)



  • Glitch Lampshade @glitch2712 (EU/UK)
  • Jack Long Johnson @jackjohnson (EU/UK)
  • ZEPELI @zepeli7157 (EU/US)


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