[EUTZ/USTZ] [NS] Desolate. Looking for PvP/Industry Corps for Nullsec Sov

Desolate. is looking for active corps looking to get into nullsec. We live in Catch and looking for corporations wanting to move in, invest in sov, defend it and expand it.

What we offer:

  • Alliance wide SRP Program
  • Skill Planning (To help you get that Dread Alt)
  • PvP Operations (Small Gang, Bloc Warfare)
  • Industry Operations (Ore Mining, Ice Mining, Moon Mining, Production)
  • Moons (Set your flag)
  • Sansha Space Ratting
  • Industrial Pocket (Large Scale Production)
  • Corporation Maintained Systems

What we’re looking for:

  • Active membership / pilots
  • PvP/Industry focused
  • Nullsec focused
  • A want to contribute to a growing nullsec bloc

Minimum Requirements

  • At least 5 unique active pilots in corporation
  • Basic understanding and willingness to authenticate on Alliance/Coalition level auth systems
  • Active pilots when CTA/Home Defense are called

Desolate. is looking to increase and expand its influence in nullsec. Corporations looking to get out there and participate in big bloc sov warfare without becoming just another number should come chat with us. We believe the more we invest in our corporations, the more our corporations invest in us, so come talk with me and see if we’re the right fit for you.

Alliance Diplo: Vanir Tsero
Discord: noc_tis
Discord: Desolate Alliance (Reach out to Vanir Tsero)

Active Corporations looking for nullsec - Contact Me

Looking to add more PvP/Industry pilots to our rosters.

Come make some isk and blow things up

Still looking for corporations looking to get in on nullsec

Looking for more active corporations

Desolate having daily content. If you’re a corp looking to get into nullsec sov warfare, let’s talk.

Active corps wanting to get into Nullsec. Hit me up.

Looking for more active corporations ready to join us in nullsec

Don’t be just another number. Reach out.

Looking for active corporations looking to make fists full of isk and pew pew

Recruiting Recruiting

To the top

Bump. Come join us in nullsec. Lots of things to do. Lots of fun to be had.

Bump. Looking for PvP/Indy focused corporations

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