Details on forthcoming improvements to compression mechanics

the porpoise is like what, 200m?

Cannot find the compressor modules on Sisi, shouldn’t they be available for testing?

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Tell me you didn’t read the blog, without telling me you didn’t read the blog. There’s one type of module for each of gas, ore, ice, Moon ore, and mercoxit. CCP is expecting us to travel around with all of these in our cargo. I don’t know about you, but I love having to constantly double check my FIT before I undock to mine.

Sisi hasn’t been updated in two days, so maybe they will in a couple of hours?

Abyssal Ore is Astertoid Ore

Yup there is a trade off

They are aware of the relationship of the Porpoise and Shattered Wormholes. It would seem they do not want you to be able to compress the ice in there for easier extraction.

200km fits well with the Rorqual boosting range.

ptdr c koa cet merd

Compressors will be high slot modules


Thanks, so 2 out of 4 high slots on the Porp will be used for the core and compression.


will barges and exumers have a option somewhere where they can set what ore they want to be actively compressed or is it just all ore thats mined by them are compressed wean they are in range of the compression booster ?

So those changes look cool and stuff but they are also new skills which need to be skilled and for some reason my Rorq pilot now has to skill Orca skills to compress? Can you at least still compress the old way with no new highslot module with the same skills you have so far just in the Rorqual?

Also, how small are those “new compressed rocks”? Previously it was for normal ores (for the most part) a m3 reduction of 1:100 and for ice 1:10. Will it still be a reduction by that much or is there a catch?

If you condensated a gas, it wouldn’t be a gas anymore, would it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Compression of a gas by reducing volume is fine terminology.

You like that Orca? Like how I use your compression module? hmm?? hm?!

Jetcans will continue to last 2 hours max? Or 4 now?


@CCP_Masterplan do you guys not understand the game? Locking all the indy command ships in place are making them BIGGER targets while not increasing the rewards!

Orcas are kill almost daily throughout New Eden. High Sec loses more ships every year then Null Sec. If a Rorq can have a panic module, then EVERY indy command ship should have a panic module!

All the Porpoise changes are doing is locking a very weak ship into a spot to make it a bigger target then it was already.

Since Rorqs are used in the safest places in the game but still get a panic module. Then a Orca and Porpoise should get a panic modules too! High Sec loses more shup yearly then any part of space! So the Orca and Porpoise need a panic more then a Rorq does!

All the changes to the Porpoise is showing how inept that CCP and developer have become.

I don’t care about compress in a Orca or even a Porpoise. Maybe CCP does not understand that the Orca carries enough fuel to mine/boost for 45 minutes!

A high sec orca makes about 2-3M isk per hour. A high sec porpoise will make 1-2M isk per hour. Where is the reward for the irsk on playing in most dangerous region of the game? How is a Orca pilot supposed to replace a Orca that is lost making 2-3M isk hour?

Another garbage update brought to you by the sheople killing EVE!


Stop using it solo dumbass


Please increase Porpoise Fleet hanger to 10k m3.

Currently a hulk can completely fill the fleet hanger in one cycle of both its miners, making it a very slow process for fleets to fill the porpoise. if the mining hold were accessable to fleet mates, this would circumvent the issue though.


Dude… the point of these ships is to provide boosts to fleet memebers so they mine quicker, not to solo mine. its like trying to solo a vexor in a badger, and wondering why you die so much.

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What does fleet hangar have to do with this?

No need, if I understand correctly compression is done remotely. The Hulk can compress their own ore and then put it in the fleet hangar of the Porpoise.

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No. They are expecting you to use 5 alts, each with one mod fit.


Oh hey again Ash!

Perhaps if you’re not making enough Isk, you should try a different ship! Perhaps one designed for maximum ore extraction, like an Exhumer! They are really great for Isk per hour!

Also, if you don’t plan on compressing or whatnot, why do you need the core at all! You can just mine without it!

Finally, I do chuckle at the idea of mining with Rorqs as being “safe”! Perhaps you should move to null if it’s so safe! Certainly no-one would bother you in your porp with all those Rorqs to kill!

Anyway! Wishing you continued luck and soothing moods to help you achieve the change you desire! Good luck, buddy!

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