Details on forthcoming improvements to compression mechanics

Just wondering: will the Porpoise be getting extra high slots?

If I understand correctly it gets an industrial core (high slot) and compression module (high slot) in this patch. These high slot modules will be a default choice in addition to multiple bonused command bursts, remote reps and/or tractor beams that are present in the high slots already.

I think it’s good that we have to make some fitting choices, so guess I’ll have to throw off the cloak and salvager, but it’s hard to fit all those other modules in only 4 slots.


I didn’t read that in the devblog, source?

I am talking about the generated solo by the command ship pilot. Why would any player use a 1.8B isk Orca to make 2-3M isk per hour? Why would anyone train into a boosting ship without an alt?

If a ship can not cover the cost of it plus fit in 40 hours it is not worth the time. CCP has removed the reward for mining while making mining for grindy. All while increase the prices of mining ship while making weaker.

This shows how inept CCP and developers have become.


Chances are the fits we have won’t work anyway thanks to powergrid/cpu needed for the new modules, but yes if the ships are supposed to be more support remote reps for instance makes sense.


Bigger ore holds, bigger jet cans, remote compression. Anything to make mining easier, for the lazy.

Why don’t normal ships get bigger cargo holds for ammo, cap boosters or loot? Why don’t combat ships get more dps “to make it easier”? Rhetorical question of course.

CCP is going to partially reverse the resist nerf making orcas even more tanky.
And yes. CCP has made Orcas horrible mining ships but Orcas were already horrible mining ships before so nothing really changed. Just stop mining in an orca, a barge will make you more.

Not caring about isk per hour myself i use the porp or orca to not have to go back to station as often.

It is worth removing at least one rig of drones. This will free up a lot of CPU.

It is not in any patch notes. I would not believe anything CCP says since they lied about scarcity being over in Nov.

So no everything is worse then before this garbage patch.

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They did mention the resist change there but true not in a patch note yet.

With q4 profits falling CCP is finally starting to see listening to brain dead idiots like you is only going to cost them more money. The game might finally start being fun again.

Please consider giving the porp 1 more high slot.

Current layout will be : Compressor - Core - Burst - Burst leaving no room for a remote rep


What you wrote does not make much sense. Why would they allow to get ore and gas out of shattereds, but not ice?

To me it looks like they gave in under playerbase whining pressure and removed compression losses, and because of that were forced to encourage use of bigger industrial CS in alternate ways - in our case making it impossible for smaller CS to compress some ore types like ice. Ice was chosen just because porpoise’s share of use during ice mining ops’ is much lower than share of use during ore mining or gas harvesting ops’.

Great first swing, much improved proposal from what we saw last year.


Great addition, thanks in advance for the improvement of on-site mining. Why no Ice compression on porpoise though? Are Orca and Rorqual better suited to deal with ice? Doesn’t make sense.

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For mining ops with other people or alts. Industrial Command Ships aren’t a straight upgrade to the mining barges, there are exhumers for that. Industrial Command Ships are for supporting the fleet.

Two, rather.

I’m already making a lot of choices to fit in only 4 now, but we get two more ‘mandatory’ mods.


We discussed it in the TiS follow-up after the CCP Stream.

In-space compression should have drawbacks.

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Agreed, but many people don’t agree.

They don’t like drawbacks, I suppose, even when those drawbacks add interesting gameplay optimisation choices.

Everyone would like to fly a ship without drawbacks, but the game itself would be really boring if such a ship existed.